Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Then, Now, Whatever Episode 1: WWE Royal Rumble 2016

Yes, as promised/threatened, we're up and running with our first episode of Then, Now, Whatever: The Wrestling Podcast. We'd love to hear from you all if you have any comments, would like to add anything to what myself and Kyle were discussing or just let us know what you think in general.

As usual, this blog post is here to give you some visual references and stimulation (ooh er missus).

We hope you enjoy listening below. We'll be back to discuss Fastlane in our next episode in the very near future, so be sure to keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook.

General production notes - with the studio closed, we had to improvise and record on our producer/tech monitor Edd's Sony Xperia phone. It sounded surprisingly decent! Edd then did a bit of work re-levelling stuff (which I probably didn't make any easier for him by being louder and closer to the mic than Kyle) and then I butchered it into the edit you hear here :). All future episodes will either get recorded on my Blue Microphones Yeti or in the college sound studio.

0:20 I'm not joking, Kyle is studying for his PGCE to teach drama while also holding down part time work at weekends and roles as an extra in several TV shows. He's previously been in Waterloo Road, Cilla and Coronation Street, and also very recently in BBC One drama Moving On.

0:53 Here's Amway's logo as it appears on the arena.

1:50 They took our jeeerbs! (Appropriately enough one of the episodes this joke appeared in was the one about wrestling.)

4:40 Naturally Kevin Owens was brilliant responding to this.

Pre-show match Millions of scholars!

Also, get a loads of Konnor's wedgie! And Mark Henry's hip swivel.

Intercontinental Title match - "And here come the pretzels", from The Simpsons season 8, "The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson". It's immediately what I think of whenever there's a big pile of plunder getting thrown in the ring.

Also yet more references to Owens' antics on Twitter. The Melissa Joan Hart feud started with this Tweet here

Here's the spot with Cena and Barrett at TLC 2010 Kyle was referring to.

Tag Team Title match - Big E's dancing again drawing me back to Season 8 of The Simpson ("The Springfield Files")

Just to clarify on my stance on The Young Bucks, I usually still enjoy their matches despite their total ineptitude using these repeated superkicks, which is a testament to their creativity and workrate.

For those of you who aren't British children of a certain age, Lurpak Spreadable used to run commercials featuring a miniature cheese man playing the trombone. Woods' gimmick always reminds me of it.

30:44 Who wears a suit jacket without another top on underneath, seriously?

US Title Match - Pick me!

Of course, here is the front row fan or the Undertaker's streak breaking.

Divas Title Match - Let's hear it for "Charlotte" everyone.

And Alicia's abomination of a scissors kick.

I'm sure you know already, but the line "I wish you died in the womb" is from one of the all time worst Raw segments with Nikki discussing her motivation for turning on Brie at Summerslam 2014. Watch here if you dare.

The Royal Rumble Match Holy shit Vince in that referee top...

Sufferin' succotash son! My introduction of AJ Styles was homaging New Japan's excellent ring announcer, who very calmly says the wrestler's moniker then BELTS out their actual name. "Cuppa coffee in the big time YEEEAHH" is a Macho Man line (who else?).

As he went onto explain, Kyle is a MASSIVE  mark for Triple H.

Kyle's wet dream

John Morrison was another master of the quirky Royal Rumble hang-on, much like Kofi.

My confusion over which Wrestlemania we were on is all down to WWE dropping the number from the event and replacing it with symbols (Play instead of 31 for Silicon Valley, Lonestar instead of 32 for Texas) because apparently the number on the end makes the event seem "old". Yep.

Also I completely forgot Brock DID get his title rematch at Battleground, only for it to end in a no contest, so I guess he can still lay claim to a title match. The other thing was there was a segment at the Rumble where Heyman approached Stephanie about renegotiating Brock's contract, so he could have used that against the Authority to wrangle Brock into the Fastlane match.

...But that's a story we can deal with next time. Hope to see you then.