Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Then, Now, Whatever Episode 2: WWE Fastlane 2016

We are back again continuing our look at the Road to Wrestlemania with WWE Fastlane 2016. As well as our episode below, you'll find some more general notes and visual references on what we talked through just to give you some visual aids and stimulation.

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General production notes: It's our first episode in the sound studio! Hence the general increase in audio quality. We recorded one week prior to WWE Roadblock. I also had the good fortune of finding a copy of WWE Anthology for £3 the last time I was in CEX, so I wound up using a few snippets from that this episode (Warrior, The Brood and Shane's themes). With there being so many road/travelling/car similes and puns this Wrestlemania season I used Dean Ambrose's theme on the intro (it's literally a car engine revving).

* 0:32 WWE changing the name of Roadblock wasn't going to stop me getting in my South Park "March of War" joke... eat Snacky Smores.

* I was of course borrowing the late Mike Graham's assessment of Jeff Jarrett. Kyle made a great call highlighting Rock's concert for Sacramento. "They got some fat ass women and The Rock is gonna just say no".

* Ziggler's hair. Just.. why?

Also, Triple H during the mutton chop era...

If Kyle despairs at how you look, then that beard really doesn't work for you Hunter

* "Don't mention ze war" is of course from Fawlty Towers.

* I wasn't kidding. Jimmy Snuka is almost certainly responsible for the death of a young nurse way back in the early 80s. The case is only recently becoming of interest again and has only been adjourned due to doubts over Snuka's mental health.

* Finn & Bayley have got up to loads of antics at NXT House Shows. She dressed as a Lego person for Halloween (Finn loves Lego) and copied his entrance to cheer him up when his leg was injured. He then returned the favour by imitating Bayley's entrance. Then of course there was the infamous Dirty Dancing homage.

* Kyle: "I don't want a face full of ass... as a finisher."
  Duncan: "I don't want it as a finisher but...


* I simply had to make an "I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot" reference in our talk of home towns - probably one of the all time great heckling responses ever by Jericho.

* As alluded to last episode, "Superkick Parties" are really the Young Bucks' gimmick. Also, here is Tapout's logo
and the share symbol

* Jim Ross makes everything sound more dramatic. The Ryback vs Big Show and Elimination Chamber matches we mentioned when discussing overhearing wrestlers calling spots were both in Botchamania's Most Botched Matches of the year for 2013 and 2015 respectively. 

* Gamers of a certain age will be familiar with the terrible voice acting from House of the Dead 2. Charlotte and Brie's delivery on the Raw before Fastlane was close to being that bad. "Suffer like G did?"

* I was air quotes Dr Evil style when introducing "Charlotte" after spotting how her name appeared on her Titantron last episode (and when talking about how we have Brie vs Lana to "look forward to").

* "Me biscuit's falling in me brew!" - both Kyle and I are from Bolton, so Peter Kay jokes are kind of in our DNA now. For anyone not from Brtiain, we like to dunk biscuits in our tea here, and Peter used to joke about how when they'd fall in when they got too soft it felt like it'd happen in slow motion, like "Charlotte"s Frankensteiner.

I used Warrior's theme and The Brood's theme as beds for the segment since they were two of our choices. Our others were "Glass Shattered" by Disturbed (Austin's 2000/01 theme), "Superman" by Stereophonics, "Faith Hope Love" by Starsailor and "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters.

Do let us know what entrance music your wrestler would have - which theme used by a wrestler currently/in the past and which song in general. We'd love to hear from you, either in the comments here or one our Soundcloud track, or reach us on Facebook or Twitter.

* As Kyle showed me during recording, that Y2AJ shirt was totally a thing! And it basically only existed so Jericho could burn one in his Smackdown promo right after he turned on AJ.

"Leave the memories aloooone!"
* Miz's Piper's Pit clone is, of course, called Miz TV. AJ actually knocked some teeth of Miz's loose with a backhand.

The Cutting Edge Peep Show

* Here's the eipsode of Botchamania featuring Cole and King losing it over Chimel announcing "the-a gravy bowl invitation for the World Wrestling Federation Wimmin's Chipionship".

* The New Day newspaper which launched recently.

* Kyle saying he thought Christian's Rusev impression sounded Japanese gave me the perfect excuse to relive those two "photographers" getting interviewed at Wrestlemania IX.

Truth vs Axel

* "You can't have a Ferrari engine in a tank". That was the analogy Husky Harris (now Bray Wyatt) used to describe himself when he debuted in Season 2 of the original NXT.

* I was thinking of Lesnar's post UFC 100 victory speech...

"Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass. I told him that a year ago. I pulled it out of him and beat him over the head with it. [Now] I'm going to drink a Coors Light. That's right a Coors. Bud Light don't pay me nothing. I may even get on top of my wife tonight."

Next time: We'll hopefully have an episode covering WWE Roadblock with you real soon. Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for more news when we firm things up.

See you soon.